Design, Software and Hardware

To provide research and development, design, production, integration, facility, operation and support services at the software and hardware level for all kinds of systems in the fields of electricity, electronics, machinery, computers and communication.


In informatics, communication, industrial electricity, electronics, technology development and similar sectors; infrastructure works, all main contracting, subcontracting, system, subsystem, device (software or hardware) spare part or component level design, manufacturing, facility operation, maintenance and repair, modification, modernization works, program and project management, system and software engineering , product development and manufacturing, technology development, basic and applied research and development, consultancy, package programs, development and analysis of all kinds of software and systems working on the internet and computer systems.

AR/VR Applications

Technologies such as AR/VR offer a wealth of opportunities for enhancing the design, development, and deployment of aviation systems and equipment. We are eager to harness the full potential of AR/VR technologies to deliver real benefits for our clients.


To provide research, development, design, production, integration, operation and support services for civilian, tactical and operation-oriented mini drone (quadrator) systems, short range (max. 100m), short duration (max. 20 min), image, voice, data receiving and sending, object dropping and receiving, search and scanning.

Air Vehicle Simulations

By creating highly realistic simulations of air vehicles, we can better understand their behavior and performance under various conditions, and use this information to inform the design and development of new and improved aircraft. Whether through the creation of cutting-edge training simulators or the development of advanced engineering tools, our team is dedicated to leveraging the full potential of air vehicle simulation technologies to deliver real benefits to the aviation industry.

IoT, Sensor Systems and Data Acquisition

We believe that by leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, we can gain valuable insights, drive innovation, and improve our offerings in various industries. We are dedicated to exploring the full potential of IoT, sensor systems, and data acquisition, and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to apply these technologies to deliver tangible benefits to our clients.

Developing FPGA using VHDL

We believe that by leveraging the power of these technologies, we can create highly efficient, flexible, and scalable digital circuits that can be adapted to meet the unique requirements of a wide range of applications.